Meet the Team

Welcome to the toot team.  We are a unique blend of analysts, actuaries, data scientists, app developers and designers. Our extensive and diverse experience is matched by our common values and ethics to improve road safety.  Our objective is to make telematics or as we call it “phonomatics” freely available to all through mobile phones and provide this through appealing app based technology  

toot has been developed in partnership with leading app development agency Apposing Limited.   

Team member

Adam Brunskill

CEO & Founder

Adam has built several successful businesses and has enjoyed an extensive career in the insurance industry working for and providing consulting services to a diverse range of organisations ranging from niche firms to some of the world’s largest motor insurance companies.  Adam is a founder and investor in toot that was initially conceived to meet the growing demands of the telematics industry.  The project soon became a much more significant opportunity to engage with and encourage all drivers to change their driving behaviour with our aim to create a “safer driving movement”.    We are proud of our ethical principles and commercial acumen that has our ownership and independence at its core. 

On a personal level Adam has been motivated to improve road safety after being involved in an accident that was caused by a reckless driver and furthermore living in a metropolitan area that has the worst rate of road traffic accidents in the country. 

Outside of the business, Adam enjoys cycling, triathlon and when the wind is blowing, windsurfing. 

Email: adam@toot.co


Team member

Fessal Bouaziz

CFO & Founder

Fessal has been working in the insurance industry for a significant number of years, in a variety of senior roles within companies and as a consultant. The firms Fessal has worked for range from small niche insurance players to exceptionally large global companies.  Fessal is a founder and investor in toot, that was initially conceived to meet a significant gap in the telematics industry.  The project soon became a much more meaningful opportunity to engage with and encourage all drivers to change their driving behaviour with our aim to create a “safer driving movement”.  

Fessal is a mathematician academically and by heart, with a doctorate in financial mathematics, an Actuary by profession and an insurance man all his life. Overall, this makes him an ideal profile as a toot executive: analytical, financially sophisticated and on all accounts risk conscious and averse; hence toot.  

Outside of the business, Fessal is an accomplished long-distance runner with dozens of marathons under the belt and a talented linguist.  

Email: fessal@toot.co

Team member

Dave Brown

CTO & Founder

Dave established the multi award-winning app development and digital agency “Apposing” in 2009. He was previously Creative Director for one of Liverpool’s largest design & marketing agencies.  Dave has since grown the Apposing team to provide innovative products for some of the world’s most ambitious brands including Sony PlayStation, McDonalds, Footasylum and many more. Dave was the author of “the iPhone app design manual” published in 2014 that provided a route map to develop successful apps.   

Apposing were the agency appointed to carry out the toot app development, but Dave’s appetite was to get more involved.  His experience and credentials have had a profound impact on the direction of the project and facilitating our vision to achieve safer driving communities. 

Outside of business Dave is a mountain bile enthusiast and competes in x trail and downhill. He is also passionate about wildlife and bird watching. 

Email: dave@toot.co

Team member

Emma Fairlie

Head of Operations


Team member

Ben Ezard

Head of Development

Team member

Amalia Benitez

Head of QA - Analytics

Team member

Sophie Iddon

Head of Design

Team member

Alberto Barroso

Head of Analytics & Data Science

Team member

Fernando Richter

Head of Software Development

Team member

Gail Shone

Head of Business Development